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Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate

Chemical Formula:C3Cl2N3NaO3

UN No: 2465

CAS  Number:2893-78-9

Referred to as SDIC, it is a chlorinated derivative of isocyanuric acid, soluble in water, strong in bactericidal power, good in stability, safe and low in toxicity, and does not cause pollution.

Shape: white crystalline powder, granules, tablets

Melting point: 240 ° C ~ 250 ° C, decomposition above the melting point

Density: 0.74 g/cm3.

Solubility: soluble in water

Acidity and alkalinity of aqueous solution: 1% aqueous solution pH 5.5~6.5

Smell: a noticeable chlorine smell

Chemical nature: A very strong disinfectant, oxidizer, bleach, and chlorinating agent.


Sodium dichloroisocyanurate is widely used in the sterilization and algae removal of industrial circulating water systems such as power plants, petroleum, chemical, textile, and electronics. 

It is bleaching and disinfecting fungicide with excellent performance in daily chemical and textile industries; disinfection of water bodies and breeding places in animal husbandry and aquatic products; cleaning and disinfection in food and beverage processing industries, as swimming pool disinfectant and hospital and hotel Disinfection in public places.


50KG Square Drum 21MT / 420Drum / 20'FCL 

25KG Square Drum 21MT / 840Drum / 20'FCL